Global Tree Assessment

Success stories

Read about the successes of the Global Tree Assessment, completing assessments for different groups and regions as well as inspiring action to conserve the world's threatened trees.

Nothofagus on the Red List

The Red List of Nothofagus has been published by BGCI and reveals that 30% of Nothofagus species are threatened with extinction. This report produced global conservation assessments for all 37 species of Nothofagus.

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Almost Two Thousand Trees added to the IUCN Red List

In 2018, GTA made their greatest contribution to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, publishing Red List assessments for more than 1,500 tree species.

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Growing Trees on the IUCN Red List

699 trees have been added to the IUCN Red List of Threatened species in the first update of 2018! Some trees have been reassessed while others get their first assessment published on the red list.

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All species of Fraxinus assessed for IUCN Red List

For the first time the conservation status of every species of ash or Fraxinus tree, is known as a result of our latest red list publication, The Red List of Fraxinus.

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Theaceae Red List published!

The Red List of Theaceae, the tea family, was published by BGCI in December 2017. It identified that more than a third of the world’s Theaceae species are threatened with extinction. Sadly two species are already Extinct in the Wild.

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Red List to the Rescue

The production of The Red List of Betulaceae resulted in direct conservation of Betula chichibuensis which was assessed as Critically Endangered in this 2014 publication.

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GlobalTreeSearch, published in 2017, is the first comprehensive list of the world's tree species and their country distributions. It will form the backbone of the Global Tree Assessment.

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Red List of Tovomita

With the help of Lucas Marinho from Brazil, we assessed the conservation status of all Tovomita species.

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