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Inside a GTA Workshop

Posted on 18 April 2019

Over the course of GTA we aim to train and mobilise botanists, researchers and ecologists across the world to produce conservation assessments for trees. One way we do this is through 'Tree Red List Workshops'. So far workshops have been held in Indonesia, Haiti, Madagascar, Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea.

In late 2018, a Tree Red List Workshop was held in Sabah, at the Sepilock Forest Research Centre. The main purpose of this Malaysian Tree Red List Workshop was to review Red List assessments for endemic trees of Sabah. Overall there are 316 endemic trees in this biodiversity rich State of East Malaysia.

Presentations at Malaysia Tree Red List Workshop, 2018

Over 60 assessments for endemic species were undertaken and/or reviewed based on GBIF data and georeferenced data from herbarium specimens together with expert botanical and ecological knowledge. A process of reduction analysis was undertaken considering the percentage decline in the EOO or AOO for each species. The ability to assess current threats to particular areas of forest based on recent field experience made this approach possible and contributed significantly to the success of the workshop. In addition over 100 species were reviewed as Least Concern (LC).

Gaining familiarity with the IUCN SIS database was another objective of the workshop. Participants experienced the benefits of using this online database which allows various experts to contribute and review information for species they have access to. Sharing a central database greatly facilitates the whole IUCN Red Listing process.

Reviewing assesments in SIS at Malaysia Tree Red List Workshop, 2018

The workshop brought together participants from Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia. Exciting ideas were developed for taking forward the discussions and actions from the workshop, leading towards an assessment of all Borneo's trees.  A first step will be to assess tree species endemic to Sabah and Sarawak. Another proposed activity focuses on LC species of Borneo. Pioneer species that proliferate after forest disturbance will be considered. Building on GBIF data, georeferencing at the Universiti Malaysia, Sabah (UMS) will improve datasets used to generate species maps and calculate EOOs and AOOs. Workshops at UMS will produce draft assessments for the relatively widespread species of Borneo which will then be reviewed by experts throughout the region. Discussions are planned for Flora Malesiana Symposium 11 to be held in Brunei in July 2019.

Participants of 2018 Malaysia Tree Red List Workshop

GTA would like to thank participants for contribution of photos from the workshop.

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