Global Tree Assessment

Red List of Tovomita

Posted on 5 December 2017

With the help of Lucas Marinho from Brazil, we assessed the conservation status of all Tovomita species.

"I got involved in the Red List project by checking out of some recently published species names that were listed on a congress banner. As a doctoral student, I study the systematics of the genus Tovomita (Clusiaceae), including taxonomic revision of the group. Due to the large amount of distribution data I had collated, I was interested to collaborate with BGCI on the Global Tree Assessment. Tovomita is mostly Amazonian trees, with few collections and poor information on population and habitat. Thus, I believe that an accurate assessment of conservation status will make a huge difference in the preservation and knowledge of these species. This is a great way to utilize the data bank collected for many years (for example, by taxonomists), to contribute to the taxonomy review and, most important, species preservation."



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